E-Visa for Vietnam refers to an online authorization of travel. Vietnam Authorities gives the e-Visa in PDF form. The e-visa is valid for thirty consecutive days from the day of the travel as indicated throughout application. The electronic visa appears like the typical visa except that it does not possess a stamp. This digitally issued visa serves similar purpose a conventional permit.
The Vietnam electronic visa is used by tourists to visit within Vietnam for several purposes that include but not limited to these;

  • -Official trips
  • -Tourism
  • -Study
  • -Business
  • -Etc

Primarily the electronic visas are used for short trips to Vietnam. E-Visas are accepted at any Vietnam airport and ports. Additionally, an electronic visa is a single entry visa.
The most typical kind of visa is a tourist visa. The application process with this visa is not difficult.

Vietnam visa requirements – Vietnam visa online

Electronic visa application requirements are simple and easy. On the other hand, when submitting an application for other types of visas, the process is elaborate. You must give more details which isn’t required for the electronic visa application.
Vietnam e-Visa applicants must complete the following requirements.
The applicant should be a foreign individual. People from other countries are needed to submit an application and get a visa to be allowed in Vietnam. You should check with the government if your nation is among those places under the visa waiver Vietnam plan. Residents from those countries are allowed to travel in Vietnam without the need of Visa.
You need to have a good history. This is through Article 21 of Vietnam condition with regards to foreigners.
Possess a passport. You’re required to have a passport having a minimum validity duration of six months. Temporary visas aren’t approved.
Provide two passport photographs. The pictures needs to be 4cm by 6 cm in six. Whenever taking the pictures to ensure you do not have reading glasses on. The passport should be colored and up to date.
Have filled application. The application form can be obtained on the web and filled.

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Vietnam Visa Online

Have money to cover stamping costs. The charges are payable for visa on arrival. You choose to pay money for single entry or multiple entries.
Letter of approval. This letter is critical if you want an on-arrival visa.
The visiting young children below the age of 14 years. These youngsters are needed to take a trip under their parents’ e-Visa. The mother and father must state the particulars of the children is vacationing with.
When you get in Vietnam, you can live in the country for approximately 30days. When your days are over, and you prefer to extend your holiday there, you have to renew the visa. The visa holder must be guaranteed by a a person or a business recognized in Vietnam. To be successful in renewing a permit for Vietnam, you need to have a valid passport. The passport should have a few blank pages remaining.

Finally, on your trip in Vietnam, you’re asked to have a copy of your e-Visa along with you all the time.


E-visa application process is fast and easy if you accomplish each one of the above requirements. You see that the procedure isn’t only hassle-free but in addition uncomplicated. You can officially visit Vietnam and take pleasure in your vacation there.
Just in case you wish to extend your holiday in the nation, make sure you stick to the due process of renewing the Vietnam e-Visa.

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